The End is Near!

End-of-the-world themes are the zeitgeist this year; 2012 being the ostensible end of the Mayan calender. A cursory internet search yielded four other academic conferences from European and North American universities (not to mention Concordia University’s own English Department) on Apocalyptic themes. This year will be inundated with popular and academic discussions surrounding ideas of apocalyptic worldviews and various ominous and prophetic scenarios; how and why we construct these notions; what historical, cultural, and social issues are they reflecting; and how communities adapt and change when prophecy fails.

The AGIC will have papers on such a topical issue, as well as expanded topics on the broader theme of time from a wide range of disciplines.

Guests will certainly find panels of interest.

Any social scientist worth their degrees will refrain from making firm statements regarding the end-of-the-world, but we will gladly encourage the end of the wait until the AGIC begins.

See you all Thursday.

Cimminnee Holt
Conference Organizer

Conference Programme