Call for Papers – Meaning in Motion


Meaning in Motion: Knowledge, Dialogue, and Discourse


Submissions are welcomed for the 21st Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference

To be held March 5th, 2015, Concordia University

Faculty Lounge, Hall Building H-765, 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, Montreal.

We invite papers from graduate students from all areas of the humanities, social sciences and fine arts that will inspire, challenge, and stretch personal assumptions, academic categories, and pedagogical approaches, including but not limited to historicity, ethics, doctrine, art, psychology, case studies, social practices and values, etc. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to share and publicize research as well as to meet other like-minded up-and-coming academics and researchers.

This year’s theme will consider ‘meaning in motion’, and will seek to highlight the dynamics of exchange in the creation and circulation of meaning(s). What role have discursive practices, modes of dialogic exchange, and ‘ways of knowing’ played in the development of spiritual and ‘religious’ thought? How are these practices ’embodied’ and brought into relationship with spacial environments? What role have the senses played in constructions and receptions of meanings, and/or how can an analysis of sensory landscapes contribute to scholarly understandings of meaning making and circulation?  This theme invites and encourages discussion on religion, history, ethics, philosophy, art, anthropology, politics, sociology, case studies, doctrine and practices. We invite submissions that offer a critical, in-depth analysis of the issues or questions that challenge cultural, religious, historical and societal ideals.


The 21st Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference is putting together a Special Interest Section dedicated solely to the debate surrounding the legislation of morality and belief. Can belief be legislated, and is it ethical to do so? We invite papers from areas of the humanities, art and social sciences to form a special interest section that discusses the various aspects of law, morality, and belief as they relate to cultures, societies, and religion.

All accepted presenters will have the opportunity to enter a peer-reviewed essay contest, with a first place prize of 100$, and a second place prize of 50$. Please see the website for more details.

Presentations in either French or English are encouraged. Abstracts must include a publication-ready, titled abstract of 200-300 words. The name, e-mail address, university affiliation and level of study of the presenter(s) must also be included, along with any special needs. Proposals are to be submitted no later than December 5th, 2014. All received submissions will be acknowledged, with notification of acceptance, by mid December. Please note that authors will have the option of submitting their papers for online publication as part of the Journal of Religion and Culture‘s Conference Proceedings series, a non-peer reviewed division of the academic journal produced by the graduate students of Concordia University. Send proposals and requests for information to:

Email :