Looking for Abstract Jury

To who it may concern,

The Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, from the Department of Religion at Concordia University, is currently looking for graduate students who are interested in becoming members of our abstract review committee. Duties include: grading and reviewing abstracts based on the AGIC review guidelines. The qualifying abstracts must be selected before January 10th.

This is a great opportunity to add an extra line to your C.V., network with other graduate students and faculty members, gain experience, as well as to be part of one of Concordia’s most dynamic annual conference. Students who are interested to be part of the abstract review committee should send their short bio (50-150 words), which includes their research interests, thesis project, and the name of their current graduate program, to agic.concordia@gmail.com, as well as their academic CV by no later than December 22 2015.



Alex Enescu
Program Chair