Schedule Available

You are all cordially invited to the upcoming Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference (AGIC), hosted by the Department of Religion at Concordia University. This year’s conference, held on March 3rd, 2016, will be hosting a number of panel discussions considering the roles played by Body, Gender, and Sexuality, as approached from a number of different disciplines.

Please note that the schedule for the conference is now available in Date/Time/Location.

Since breakfast and lunch will be provided , if you are interested in attending the conference, we ask that you please RSVP to before February 26.

At last, we are aware that not everyone has the capacity to volunteer in the same ways. For those who are interested, we are looking for faculty members and fellow students to contribute breakfast food for the Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference (AGIC) taking place on March 3rd, 2016. We are asking for food that is already prepared, and does not require refrigeration. If those volunteering could bring their contributions of food to the Religion Department at 2050 MacKay on March 2nd, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your contributions,

The Organizers of the AGIC

Looking for Abstract Jury

To who it may concern,

The Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference, from the Department of Religion at Concordia University, is currently looking for graduate students who are interested in becoming members of our abstract review committee. Duties include: grading and reviewing abstracts based on the AGIC review guidelines. The qualifying abstracts must be selected before January 10th.

This is a great opportunity to add an extra line to your C.V., network with other graduate students and faculty members, gain experience, as well as to be part of one of Concordia’s most dynamic annual conference. Students who are interested to be part of the abstract review committee should send their short bio (50-150 words), which includes their research interests, thesis project, and the name of their current graduate program, to, as well as their academic CV by no later than December 22 2015.



Alex Enescu
Program Chair

Deadline extended

AGIC 2016 Call for Papers: Deadline extended

Dear Colleague,
The call for papers deadline has not passed. However, due to a number of requests we have agreed to extend the period until December 19th 2015.

Warm regards,


Joseph E. Brito
President of AGIC 2016

AGIC 2016 Appel à communications: date limite prolongée

Cher collègue,

La date limite pour les propositions de communications est arrivée  à son échéance. Toutefois, en raison d’un certain nombre de demandes, nous avons convenu de prolonger la date limite jusqu’au 19 Décembre à 2015.

Très cordialement,


Joseph E. Brito
Président d’AGIC 2016

A Week Away

The 21st Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference @ Concordia University is just over a week away! For those presenting, we hope your papers are coming along nicely. To those attending, we look forward to seeing you there!

As always, this will be taking place on the 7th floor of the Hall building at the downtown campus. This year’s Keynote address will be Three Vignettes On Dialogue and Meaning by Michael Oppenheim.